Picnic Celebrations

Using outdoor locations for celebrations are more common than ever.

Birthdays, baby showers, weddings anything can be celebrated beachfront, in parks or in your own garden.

We are blessed to live in such a picturesque country and have a plethora of picnic possies just waiting to be picked. Be it the beach, park, backyard or by the pool. There is something magical about dining outdoors, its like simpler times, slower times, times when great are memories were made. It creates a bohemian relaxed feel, the setting is less official & more fun!

When it comes to the planning the perfect picnic party or event, a cohesive theme and decoration in an attractive setup, are key aspects to tie your event together.

Decoration is a fun aspect when it comes to events. Start with the essential picnic supplies: a blanket or outdoor rug, low wooden picnic tables, comfortable outdoor cushions to sit on, a picnic basket, cooler, speakers for you choice of music, tableware and napkins.

For a larger outdoor event, there are companies that rent tables, chairs and large canopies.

Use beach umbrellas or canopies to provide shade. Decorate with balloons, flowers and gifts for your guests if you wish!

Choose dishes that travel well, can be made mostly in advance and are served at room temperature. Cold sandwiches, chilled salads and icy beverages really hit the spot on warm days! To ensure these items stay cool (and safe to eat) remember to keep them in ice.

Grazing plates are a popular choice as they have a variety of foods on one plate and are often used as a decoration purpose.

If you wish to outsource the planning of your event, there are plenty of quality event planners, picnic organizers like lovebirds that can help you with a location, theme, colour scheme & food for your event. They set everything up for you and all you and your guests need to do is show up and enjoy! And best of all, when you’re done, just get up and leave with a smile.

Enjoy your outdoor event!










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