How to style your home & garden for crisp Autumn Winter days

Tips for making your home winter ready

As our lifestyles naturally change with the seasons, so should our homes. With autumn here and the cooler weather fast-approaching, it's time to bring out the winter woollies and start looking forward to cosy nights in

1.Think plush velvet, cosy knitted throws and warming hints of timber or brass if you're planning on redecorating this winter. Even just a few new indoor cushions can make all the difference when you're trying to create a snug space to cuddle up in.

2.Soft furnishings and decor, such as seasonal throws & cushions with soft textures like velvetcord or boucle, can easily change the mood of a room. Even a few cushions make a huge difference.

3.In summer, it's common to pare back the décor in your home and use neutral tones and pops of vibrant colour to reflect the season. As winter approaches, it's time to say goodbye to the whites and brights and embrace rich and warming hues, like terracotta, olive green and dusty pinks, to create a cosy and inviting retreat from the cold.
4.Finish of your styling with diffusers & beautiful statement pieces like large candle holders or bowls. Invest in indoor plants when spending more time inside than in the warmer months. With heaters and the fireplace on, plants can be great purifiers.
5.Don't forget your bedroom. Some days you just want to snuggle up all day in bed and watch a movie. Large bedroom cushions provide that ultimate comfort you want on a lazy day.

Tips for making your garden winter ready

To make the most of your yard during winter, the important thing, before we even get to outdoor heating, is laying a solid foundation like laying a paved entertaining area for cosy dinner parties. 

1.Covering the space with an awning or pergola helps to frame the space and makes it feel more like an alfresco room, as well as shelter it from the elements, adding to the liveability of the space.

2.Fire pits are the new water features; they are a great feature in any backyard, and require a lot less maintenance than a water feature. A fire pit will transform your backyard into a cosy and inviting space, perfect or those chilly evenings.

3.Lighting can completely change the look and feel of an area – opt for a floodlight that can be specifically directed at an area or festoon lighting to add ambience. Large outdoor candles will add to the ambience.

4.Add soft throws & large outdoor cushions to keep warm and cosy during chilly nights. Opt for outdoor cushions that are weather resistant and that you can leave outside when you are ready to crawl into your warm bed.


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