+ Inserts for Outdoor and Indoor Cushion Covers


Our cushion inserts have gone green, made in Australia from recycled PET!

Each cushion insert is designed for our outdoor and indoor cushion range - super comfy with plenty of support!

Water resistant, mould resistant & highly durable, pairing perfectly with our high performance fabric cushion covers on range.

Made in Australia!

Sizing tips:

Our cushion inserts are plump which does make them a little harder to insert into the cushion initially, however it is definitely worth the effort as they will look amazing!

For a 45cm cover, select a 50cm insert

For a 50cm cover, select 55cm insert

For a 60cm cover, select 65cm insert

When you order inserts with your cushion covers, they will arrive pre-filled for you, ready to go!

Without prior arrangement, we are unable to supply insert only orders, inserts are to be purchased with a cover and sold as a complete product.

Thank you for your understanding.

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