Media room lounge makeover

After seeing a post on Tropiques Instagram with a new cushion fabric I was drawn to the showroom for a look. Black with a floral motif - you know when you see something you love.

Oh the showroom, such a feast for the senses. If you haven’t been in I highly recommend it, you won’t be able to stop touching the fabric and exclaiming ‘Is that really an outdoor cushion’!

Before I knew it I was chatting with Rebecca about my tired couch. While the couch frame was perfectly fine the seating cushions and back cushions were very tired. Comfortable but tired.

Rebecca informed me that she could arrange a quote to recover/replace what we have. (insert happy dance)

Having already done the rounds of many furniture shops without success this was a solution I could get on board with. The couch is a corner couch with a chase that fits our media room perfectly and new ones just wouldn't fit the same.

As part of the quote, Rebecca suggested we reconfigure the cushions so they sit better and don’t move as much. The seating was to be black velvet and the back cushions would be Tappa bold along with Tappa stipe.

Once made and in place, I popped back to get some new throw pillows. The most delightful and can’t stop touching cushions with feather inserts to add the right amount of luxury to the couch.

I cannot recommend the team at Tropique more. They are knowledgeable, passionate and ready to help you style your home. Indoor and outdoor you will be finding a new excuse to buy some new cushions.

Kelly Robinson

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