Tropique Features in Covered Magazine!

The athletes of cushions are here, and they have just as much endurance... and they’re gorgeous - so much so, Westfield Warringah Mall thought so too. COVERED. caught up with Rebecca Bickerstaff, the woman behind Tropique.

Curating fabrics from all over the world, the cushions you see around Warringah Mall are a product of Bickerstaff’s creative genius in combining designer fabrics. With a background in the arts, the Dulux colour finalist has a knack for dreaming up palettes. She’s been creating for the last twenty years, but Tropique is only six years young.

“Colour is what really drives me,” Bickerstaff explains with warm, fizzling energy. “I communicate via colour to create the feel, and then the pattern follows.”

The cushion shop of Brookie is your new go-to, just in time for a summer revamp. The Tropique range is perfect for outdoor furniture, and come beach season, the Mokum cushions are even Teflon coated, so you can lay on them with sunscreen… perfect for families. 

Tropique’s brand isn’t simply limited to cushions, however. Bickerstaff sees Tropique as a lifestyle, the feel permeating through the range of paintings, candles, soaps and more. 

It’s no wonder Westfield Warringah Mall sought out Bickerstaff’s artistic eye to deck out the mall’s spaces. Step into the fountain space of the mall and you’ll see the iconic cushions, with sun lounges and plenty of light to complete the relaxed resort vibe. Her durable cushions are perfect for high traffic areas like the Westfield, but also catering and hospitality spaces. Bickerstaff says that for Westfield, planning to the area was key, focusing on activation points, and creating a vibe in accordance with that.

This year the Tropique, Australian made, collection vibe is more playful and mindful of how tricky the year has been, and how we need enduring home decor whilst creating a harmonious and fun space to be in, when spending valuable time with friends and family.

Our homes are our sanctuary, an oasis from the hectic pace of modern life and what’s going on in the world, including the environment. 

Tropique’s designer collection invites calmness in, with relaxed indoor-outdoor living, connecting spaces and people with colour and beauty that will endure the seasons with quality cushions and home decor.

The collection reflects this with soft colour tones, uplifting patterns and colour blocks. It’s like living in a resort all year round!


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