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Kuata Reef & Loretto in Forest Set of 2

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Kuata Reef Cushion Cover & Loretto in Forest Set of 2

Available in: 50cm x 50cm Square Set of 2

Introducing Kuata from Warwick! Just arrived at Tropique. The SunDec collection is a high-performance fade resistant fabric range, which has been developed for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR use.

SUNDEC is a lightfast, durable and easy to clean partner for all year round indoor and outdoor decorative applications. It includes water repellency and microbial hygiene protection making stylish outdoor living easier. Enjoy making a statement outdoors as you mix and match these on-trend and performance driven outdoor designs. Hues of aqua, greens, oranges and reds.

Developed to withstand commercial sunlight exposure requirements, mould and mildew growth, chlorine damage and general wear and tear. These incredible properties define Warwicks SunDec as a smart choice for areas exposed to the elements.

This design has been paired with the Loretto in Forest to form a perfect coordinated set for your outdoor living area.

100% Olefin.

Cushion Cover Only, inserts available here.

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